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I'm Lucy Aihara

I am not satisfied with just exam results or even conventional Physiotherapy. Conventional physiotherapy is extremely important to complement all necessary work.


I will base myself on physics, classical biomechanics, sensory biomechanics and historyof the patient, which is unique, to seek rehabilitation.


I myself haveDiabetic neuropathy diagnosis very serious in both hands, carpal tunnel syndrome, very common in people with diabetes.

I learned to deal with complicationsand work with manual therapy, Fasciatherapy and other techniques that require hands, making me the very case study that shows howThese therapies are effective and can give a better quality of life for patients.

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Sanofi – Diabetes Your Type - Lucy

Sanofi – Diabetes Your Type - Lucy

Sanofi – Diabetes Your Type - Lucy

LUCY AIHARA - Fisioterapia Especializada

Diabetes. Your Type. The importance of education

Sanofi - Diabetes. Your Type.

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diabetes media

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